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  1. Of course your opinion is totally respectable. Mine is that the problem is not an Apple Silicon compatible app. I think the problem is that a critical app like a password manager needs a much more agile developer. What would happen if there was a security problem? Are you ok with months or years to solve it?
  2. I totally agree with @dahliamma and @pitchblack It is totally unaceptable that two years later, in most cases, this is the only not native application that we are running. You say in the recent release: I CAN'T beleive that your developers have released a BIG update without native support. The password manager perhaps is the most importan app in a computer (at least in my case). Is this a reliable company to trust my most precious data? I'm not sure.
  3. Finally, a word from developers. Thank you for the information. We hope it won't delay. For me and, I suppouse that for a lot of people, Enpass is the MOST important tool in our computers/mobile devices. It is a great tool and, in my case, I wouldn't like to have to change to other software.
  4. In the absence of support perhaps it is time to look to another place called Bitwarden.
  5. Is Qt toolkit already stable? Any news about a universal version? I love Enpass, but I hate to be forced to run Rosetta in my new Mac Mini and Enpass is almost the only app that need it in my computer.
  6. In my case, the store version works fine with the fingerprint reader in my laptop Gigabyte AERO, but since recent updates, it doesn't show me the Windows Hello for fingerprint reader after Windows starts. I have to close Enpass and open it again and now it works fine. In previous versions, this didn't occur.
  7. I've been usign Windows 10 20H2 and most recent enpass in your web. The issue is easy, don't need captures: Windows Hello doesn't work. The solution from your support mail: Don't use the web download. Go to Windows Store.
  8. Ok... and another difference: The Windows Hello doesn't work on web version. At least on my laptop.
  9. Is there any diference in this version vs the Windows Store one? I've always been using the Windows Store version and now I've installed the downloaded from your web and I think it is faster. I'm loosing anything?
  10. I'm waiting for this feature too. Please prioritize the native support. Thank you
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