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  1. I am having this same problem, but I have not changed any passwords either on Enpass devices, or on Dropbox. Any other ideas?
  2. I have not changed any DropBox passwords, but Enpass refuses to sync my devices. Attached is the error message I get when I try to reconnect. When I enter my Dropbox password it says it's incorrect. Any ideas?
  3. Yes... me too.... error code 204035. Please tell us how to fix this.
  4. Buffy

    Dropbox Sync Error

    Eighty percent of the time, when I try to sync, either manually, or through the auto sync, to my iOS devices through Dropbox, I get a failure message that says an error occurred. The error code is: 208056 Anyone know what this is? Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. I often open Enpass and it says there's a new version available, do I want to download? I say "no" because I'm on limited bandwidth and there's no indication of the size of the update. When I come back to Enpass later it doesn't say there's a new version available. I can find that I have 6.1.2, but I don't have a way of checking for "am I up to date?". So how do I know for sure? What is the current latest version? Thanks....
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