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  1. Hi @Hitman I had a thought last night, would you be able to publish the api you use to talk to your desktop app from your browser plugin? That would achieve what we want it to. I'd be happy to help you build some clients/SDKs if you were to do that.
  2. Hi @Hitman I think you misunderstand. I'm currently using Enpass as my centralised secret management system. If I have to go so far as to implement tools to unlock the vault then I'll be publishing it open source. And you will then have a free product with a similar feature set to what you have plus an api competing with you.
  3. Hey @Kashish, I would really like this so that I can use enpass as the storage backend for a secret manager and otp source for my work credentials. In particular, we have a VPN that requires the password appended with the related OTP for the password field to connect. The client I would add would poll enpass to request the secrets, and when enpass has been unlocked then use them to set up the vpn connection. An enpass api is the only thing that has come close to making this secure to implement. And I don't need a full management api for it, just to be able to request credentials based on id/name once the db has been unlocked. Perhaps you could document/publish the api that is used by the browser plugins? Best, Dion
  4. Hi, I have been having this issue recently. I am using Ubuntu 19.10 (although it was happening before I upgraded from 19.04) I use a us-dvorak keyboard layout (but have tested it with us-qwerty) and happens whether I use copy-paste, a yubikey, or an onlykey (both of which I am using to output a static password). I have tried playing with adding delays to the outputs on these devices and that doesn't seem to help, but it does happen a lot more when using my hardward keys than when copy-pasting. I have tried English NZ,US, and UK as system languages and all have the same problem.
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