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  1. OK, One-Time-Purchase available. Thats seems to be fair. I think Enpass ist back again for me. I'm pleased!
  2. First of all I think monthly fees are a completely wrong way of paying for software. Although I really like Enpass very much, I guess they will break their word concerning "grandfathering" the users that payed for Enpass. For me it is clear that Sinew Software Systems and all other software companies have to earn money. But subscription has a much to high risk for the customers. What if the Software Company stops to exist? What if I am happy with the software as is? What if I have to use a software in a closed environment? What could be a solution? Maintenance! Buy The Software and pay for Updates eg. You Buy Enpass for All Plattform for let's say 60 $. All updates for eg. 12 are included. If you want to have ne features buy maintenance for a further year or say no, it's ok as it is and do not pay...
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