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  1. RoPa

    Dark Mode

    Thanks. My Device has only iOS 12 and therefor I didn't found it. And Maybe same stuff on my iMAC with High Sierra.
  2. RoPa

    Dark Mode

    Thanks. i wrote about Dark Mode, but it is the Dark Theme that isn' t present on my Apple Devices. Maybe it must be so.
  3. RoPa

    Dark Mode

    I have a pretty dumb question. Can you please suggest to me where I can found the Dark Mode for the Mac Version? Same Stuff on my iOS Device. Is it possible that the Dark Mode would not be present on Apple Devices?
  4. No. After have installed the 6.3 Version you have to register by E-Mail ID and you obtain the Pro Status. Same stuff on the other Platforms too.
  5. You can input the E-Mail ID under Preferences, first row. It is important that you use the 6.3 Version. I would check it. In earlier versions the functionality isn't there.
  6. I guess it is right. I'm also waiting for this 6.3 Version. All Platforms are ready on 6.3 except android. I think that google needs a while to let it come out. Begin to pray
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