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  1. I also have this issue, started suddenly today just after My MacBook Pro 2018 updated to 10.14.6. Moreover if I try to enable PIN the following message is shown, in which you can clearly understand that the touch id was previously configured:
  2. The real point of my disappointing is about trust: we are dealing with a password manager tool, I need to trust the company at 1000% and any statement he makes (no matter if commercial or technical) must be reliable in the long-term. They failed to do so and this results in a (too) big uncertainty for the future.
  3. A few years ago I choose Enpass over competitors like 1Password and others because of the pricing model twined with the product architecture model: rather than a subscription to pay forever for a cloud service, a simple amount to pay for a license of a software that relies on the user storage (no matter if cloud or local based). I've been very happy to pay the license on each platform I have (currently 3: macOS, iOS, Android) and, after all, now I could be very happy to have received a "complimentary" subscription too. But how long will it last? Only God knows, I have is no communication from
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