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  1. I also have this issue, started suddenly today just after My MacBook Pro 2018 updated to 10.14.6. Moreover if I try to enable PIN the following message is shown, in which you can clearly understand that the touch id was previously configured:
  2. The real point of my disappointing is about trust: we are dealing with a password manager tool, I need to trust the company at 1000% and any statement he makes (no matter if commercial or technical) must be reliable in the long-term. They failed to do so and this results in a (too) big uncertainty for the future.
  3. A few years ago I choose Enpass over competitors like 1Password and others because of the pricing model twined with the product architecture model: rather than a subscription to pay forever for a cloud service, a simple amount to pay for a license of a software that relies on the user storage (no matter if cloud or local based). I've been very happy to pay the license on each platform I have (currently 3: macOS, iOS, Android) and, after all, now I could be very happy to have received a "complimentary" subscription too. But how long will it last? Only God knows, I have is no communication from Enpass on this. So as this price policy change arrived without any prior notice, another one could take place in the (near? distant?) future canceling my complimentary subscription. Nevetherless my trust in Enpass is starting to decline, because the new policy has been really a surprise to me, based on the fact that prior the change the claim on their site has always been: Enpass, was it too imperative? Also the way they changed the price policy is really disappointing: neither a message in the app nor an email in my inbox to communicate the news and give me a chance to reply. Last but not least, the new price policy cancels the major difference between Enpass and its competitors: now 1Password could gain interest again to me, especially the "family" plan...
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