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  1. @Gulshan Dogra Chromium: 98.0.4720.0 Shortcut: CRTL + ALT + # It opens a new tab with the 1st URL (url1) see above. thanks for your assistance
  2. Hello! After the last Enpass update (on Windows 10) there is a very annoying "feature". My entry in Enpass is a SSO login (1 username, 1 password) but different URLs (examples): Now when I open "url3" from my chrome browser favorites and press my new hotkey (this is also very annoying - no more CTRL + / ) Enpass always opens a new browser tab with url1 and don't fill the main tab with my username and password. Before the update it works very fine. I also tried it with different Enpass entries but everywhere the same phenomenon. I actually thought this would be the perfect solution for me so I don't have to create the same SSO login several times for each URL.
  3. Hey guys, I have a very annoying problem. Every day, or after every reboot or after closing and re-opening my browser I have to re-authorization my Enpass Extension. I have to enter the six digits(numbers) again and again. In my Enpass settings I deactivate both entries ("code-signature..." and "ask browser-authorization every time...") but no improvement. I am on MacBook Pro with newest Catalina update and Safari 13.0.3. Enpass version 6.3.0 (574) and installed extension in Safari. Do you have any hints for me? Thanks Sven
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