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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. MacMini (late 2012) Intel core i7 with MacOS 10.14.6 Enpass 6.4.2, 392 items and 2 vaults (but the secondary is nearly empty and I just synch the primary). Webdav on my NAS. The issue is very easy to reproduce: When Enpass is locked, right after a reboot, i.e, it takes up to 3.6% of cpu, constantly, until the first time I unlock it. When It gets synched, the cpu usage drops to 0%, for a while, until it eventually tries to synch again when locked. Unlocking, through the app or the internet plugin, fixes the problem again. Regards,
  2. Hello, I noticed that Enpass constantly use up to 3% of cpu when it simply stays in background. I made some tests and I discovered that cpu usage drop to 0 when I manualy sync the vault but after a while it goes up again and If I unlock the main app I can see the vault icon spinning again, meaning, I guess, it was trying to sync. I've been using webdav since some months and I've never noticed the issue before, when I was syncing with icloud, so maybe it's related to enpass struggling to sync with webdav when locked in background. It's not a big issue but maybe there is a bug there you can fix. Regards.
  3. on macos you should completely uninstall the app, not just trashing it but removing everything related to enpass in the library folder. I used app delete.
  4. It seems I solved completely unistalling the app with app delete end reinstalling it from app store. Do a backup of the vault before and reimport it form scratch. You'll need to reinsert the registration code if you are a pro user and reconfigure everything (including browser extentions), but then it will correctly sync with icloud. I think the update corrupted some pref files.
  5. Same problem here. Just updated to 6.3.1, osx mojave. Actually, the sync process seems stucked, the icon spins around and I cannot even change the cloud service in the desktop app, The ios apps seem ok. Everything worked well before update. Please fix, asap.
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