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  1. Hi there, recently (few months ago) I noticed that navigating on web pages with TAB (which should normaly "jump" over active elements like links, buttons and form inputs) is not working properly. It works normally until it jumps on a form elements (e.g. search, which has many sites), then it cycles up on them. Even this page (Create new topic) is suffering with this issue. I found out that if I turn off the Enpass extension its started to behave as expected. My setup: Enpass 6.8.5 (1256) (Mac App Store) macOS Ventura 13.3 (22E252) primary browser Firefox 112.0 (but behaves the same in Safari and Chrome) Thanks for looking into it.
  2. I can confirm this behavior. Touch ID can be used on time only, then I need to enable it again in prefs. Enpass v. 6.3.2 (582) on Catalina 10.15.1.
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