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  1. I have some additional suggestions regarding Wear OS app that should be simple to implement: - replacing white background with some dark color. Almost none of apps on this platform use white background for quite some time now - add/restore support for rotary input (since Wear OS H MR1 / SDK 28, focus for scrolling view must be manually requested for rotary input to work - source).
  2. If you don't want to wait for Enpass to fix it, you can get older Enpass APK and extract android_wear_micro_apk.apk from it to install it manually on the watch via ADB. I used android_wear_micro_apk.apk from Enpass and it worked fine.
  3. Wear OS 2.0 does not force this and if developer does not upload standalone APK to Play Store, leaving it bundled with phone's APK as before, it will still work like in Android Wear 1.x. Enpass didn't upload standalone Wear OS APK, so you won't see it as compatible with the watch on the web Play Store and it won't let you install it there. The only way is to open Play Store on the watch and go to "app from phone" section, but as I said before, this doesn't work right now.
  4. Wear OS app is bundled with the phone APK and you install it via phone's app section of Play Store on the watch. But right now there is an issue mentioned in this thread that prevents the app from installing on the watch.
  5. I've encountered the same problem. Did a little digging and when trying to install manually via ADB, recent versions of android_wear_micro_apk.apk file embedded in the main APK fail with "Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Package /data/app/(...)/base.apk has no certificates at entry AndroidManifest.xml]" error. Seems like some fail with signing on Enpass side as older versions install fine this way.
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