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  1. It would be great if there was an exception to match url hostname for domains. so for some services with general domains I know I have a common id for but for some maybe a domain I or my company manage may have various systems I access under a common domain may be unique logins for sub-domains. Can we submit a feature request? Thanks
  2. After looking closer at the apt install output I could see the version was indeed installed. I had never stopped 6.5 from running and was seeing the current running version. Once I closed and re-opened I seemed to be ok. Thanks for the response
  3. Hi I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.3 and realized the enpass version I'm running is out of date, I checked the repo list follow-in your guide for deb https://apt.enpass.io/ stable main but I can only pull 6.5.0, I can get 6.6 using snap but would love to run your latest version. Is there a deb package I can download? I'm not finding any on your support site. Thanks
  4. I may be doing something wrong but I noticed after several attempts generating a new password and using fill on android does not save for the site or app. if you don't copy before fill you will loose the any generated credentials and need to reset password on the service or app. Am I doing something wrong? What am I missing? Thanks in advance
  5. I use multiple Chrome profiles personal/work/test and see the plugin enabled on all profiles in the extension list under settings though I do not see the enpass icon as I do on my primary (personal) profile. Autofill or AutoCapture, creating new creds don't seem to function, i need to right click to access the enpass menu or just open the app. This seems to be the case across platforms as well. My primary workstation in ubuntu 20.02 though I can replicate on Windows 10 as well. Current version on Chrome is Version 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) Thanks, Chris
  6. I've been using enpass now for a few years, windows, MacOS, Linux, and not sure how or when cause I don't use my mac too often but I have now have to sync files, "sync_default.walletx" and "vault.enpassdbsync" Unbuntu 18.0.4 is syncing enpass to "sync_default.walletx" and MacOS (Mohave) is syncing to "vault.enpassdbsync" Would someone know why, and is there a way to reliably merge them? Sorry a bit more information I should have included, this is all webdav via owncloud. MacOS is EP version 6.3.3, Ubuntu EP version 2.4.1, QT 5.9.5 Thanks
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