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  1. Still unresolved. When can we expect a fix? Firefox is quite popular. I believe it falls within your responsibility to communicate with Mozilla to the extent that this is necessary to enable usability of your app. Without autofill, Enpass is hardly usable at all.
  2. This issue still affects me, and it's been months. Any chance it could be resolved?
  3. @Kashish, thank you. Yes, changing the extension worked. The file was generated as is (with a `.txt` extension) when I used "Share" from my mobile phone (Samsung GS9+ running Android 9) using "ownCloud" cloud storage as a medium. Anyway, thanks again.
  4. I have followed the instructions in Share to share a login from my mobile app to my desktop iteration of Enpass, which is on Linux. I used a private cloud to share the login (using PSK), and got an `.enpasscard.txt` file on the other side. It is unclear to me how to follow instruction in Adding a shared item to now import the password on my desktop. What am I missing?
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