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  1. I've used Enpass for years. I'm a registered user and a paying Android customer. I love Enpass. But for the love of computers, please fix your syncing problems. I installed Enpass from the Microsoft Store on a new Windows 10 PC. I can successfully add an existing vault that is stored in OneDrive. I try the same thing with Dropbox, and after logging in it appears for 2 seconds like the sync in in progress and then it displays an "Error while restoring data." message. This same vault is syncing successfully with 2 Android devices and another Windows 10 PC. I removed the OneDrive-s
  2. I am seeing this as well. When I don't have an internet connection, Enpass accepts my credentials and then just displays the blue screen with the padlock. Restarting the app doesn't help, the problem reproduces again. Works normally once I have an internet connection. Enpass Android 7.0 Samsung S6 Edge+
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