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  1. I am on Mac using v6.6.0, extension 6.7.4 The "Search" field is all but useless. It takes at least 4 characters before it finds anything? Example, login for "Wordpress" so I start typing ..W, nothing. o...nothing. r....nothing. d...sorta starts to see possible matches?? 5th letter, finally the login appears...what a waste of time. But wait..theres more.....I have some logins for 1&1. I have the extension set to search all vaults. If I just open the ext. it shows numeric first listed items, then lettered entries. Example: I have logins that ALL start with the number "1" and some that start with "2", then logins for sites "A thru Z" begins. BUT, it ONLY shows one entry for 1&1, but I have a few. Then I SEARCH for the letter W, and all this thing does is start at the first numeric entry, but this time it finds the rest of my items under "1". How bizarre is that?? Search is Sort By : Title Obvious the search feature is just lipstick as it fails miserably.
  2. Howard

    Missing Vaults

    I will gather the information, but that will take a day. Today at work, on my Mac, Enpass refuses to work. Beach Ball is all it can do really really well. It refuses to enter characters..beach ball.....8 seconds later, one keystroke finally appears. Enter next keystroke, another 8 seconds. Unusable, and worthless to me.
  3. UPDATE: broken broken broken. I have changed default browsers to all three. Chrome, IE11 and FF......ALL FAIL to sync with icloud. unknow user. Trust in the product is now NILL. ZERO...NADA.
  4. Same here. Enpass is broken. Has been since Sept from what I can see from these posts and no resolutions. its like they are not even acknowledging this. Plus, they do not understand English language either. I was pretty sure I was buying an english version. Not sure if others have seen this, but when connecting vaults, you get presented with this statement: "Please enter Password of data." Really....password of data, thats a good one. OMG..IF that is an example of the programming that goes into this product, then we are all doomed.
  5. Howard

    Missing Vaults

    No such luck. Checked my Win7 PC first. iCloud Session Timeout. FUCK Attached missing two vaults to Mac. Now Enpass take over 8 sec to input one character. FUCK While attaching vaults, Enpass asks you to enter a password, but the English wording is out to lunch. This is what is says: Please enter password of data. So I now have a Password of Data...what?? I would like very much to see my password of data. The more I look into this, the worse it gets.
  6. Howard

    Missing Vaults

    More woes today. Although..thanks for the reply. Fresh install yesterday, two vaults missing and the Google ext takes another 8 seconds to present ONE character. Same issue I had only days ago. This is going downhill very fast. On my win7 pc at work, and my Mac and win7 PC at Home..all work fine. All three of them have all 4 vaults. Only this fresh install is a mess. So now I am thinking Enpass is NOT compatible with Catalina. Mac at Home is still older Mojave. That seems to be the only obvious difference. Almost giving up at this point. I suppose I will uninstall it one more time and re-install and see how it ends up. Off to see the wizard.
  7. Howard

    Missing Vaults

    Win7: 6.3.3 (597) Mac Catalina 10.15.3: 6.3.3 (584) MAC: Missing vaults is the main problem. WINDOWS: iCloud Unknown User is the second problem MAC: Trying to log into Enpass on Mac, REFUSES to accept my Master P/W. Shift over to my Win7 PC and I log in no problem with the SAME...Master P/W. Arrggg. Evacuate Enpass from Mac, deleted chrome extension. Go get Enpass in App store...again. Install. Jump through hoops to install. Master Password now works, go figure. However, I am missing two Vaults. Go into app, iCloud messed up. Sync Error. Conflict in syncing data with iCloud. "Resolve Now or Disconnect". I pick Resolve. My Data Items - 5, iCloud item - 6 5 or 6 items....wtf? Windows, icloud unknown user, is a cluster Fi*k. Each attempt tries to open apple prompt for a security code, I enter the code, and page NEVER loads. Really disappointed and now I don't have 50% of my passwords on the Mac because of the two missing vaults.
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