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  1. I did double-check and there is only one password saved for that only entry, so I couldn't be selecting the wrong one. I am trying to duplicate the entry and then remove the original one to see if it work. Will update you guys later.
  2. Hi all, I don't know if anyone here bumped into the same issue as me. I am using Enpass on my Galaxy Note10+ and there is one specific app on my phone (my main mobile banking app) which does support Android autofill. However, anytime I use the autofill to login, it always said that I have the wrong password. My workaround is switching to Enpass keyboard to fill each field one by one, and that always work for me. Should I do something to fix it on my own? I could just use the Enpass keyboard but it's not very convenient for me. I enclosed a screen recording to clarify my situation better here. Best regards.
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