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  1. Hello Forum users, On iPhone1 with AppleID1 I synch the Enpass primary vault with iCloud. Now on iPhone2 with AppleID2 I would like to install Enpass and create a Primary vault that synchs with the same iCloud of AppleID1. After installing and launching Enpass on iPhone2, Enpass gives me a choice of "New User" or "Previous User": If I choose "New User" and create a Master Password for a newly created local vault, when I attempt to synch this new primary vault to iCloud, I am not give a choice of ICloud accounts. If I choose "Previous User" and attempt to synch to iCloud, again I am not given the choice of iClouds, only the iCloud connected with AppleID2. How do I do this? Thanks
  2. Garima, thank you very much for your quick and effective response. Method 1 worked like a charm... PWManager
  3. Greetings On Linux Mint I have a primary vault. Through another source I have created a second vault. After some testing, I now want the secondary vault to become my new primary. I have backed up the old Primary for safe keeping just in case. 1) What is the recommended process to copy the secondary vault to the Primary? 2) As the Primary on Linux is synched to iCloud, what happens when the new Primary gets synched for the first time to the old Primary in iCloud? Or how do I delete the old Primary vault in iCloud?
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