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  1. What a disaster. My problem is compounded since I was still trying to resolve a previous issue where it was created an "Enpass 1" folder from one of the recent updates. Is this an unrecoverable state?
  2. Easy enough, but can't you have it look at the sync location used prior to 6.4 to check if there are new items there? I can't go back now that all clients have been updated.
  3. After opting out of the beta, I think I was fine for a day or so. It appears there are newer updates released today/yesterday on iOS and Windows. I'm now concerned that I may be losing data or the apps not using the correct data from OneDrive. Is there a way to merge without data loss? After reconnecting OneDrive sync on iOS, I just saw my items number go from 548 to 544 (4 items gone). This is after "Your sync with OneDrive has been disconnected. Please connect again" iOS version: 6.4.0 (438) Windows 10 version: 6.4.0 (632)
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