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  1. Yes it is also fundamental for me, I am waiting to make the exchange from lastpass, until they add this functionality we have asked for this functionality too, they have accepted the request, but I don't think they are working on it. Some of the staff could update us, maybe if there is a log on what you are working on, so that we don't always ask the same thing it would be fantastic thanks
  2. Hello, I also join in your request, I had already done it more than a month ago (I attach link). It would be nice to manage vaults independently, so that if I want to create one for bank access and one for websites, I only unlock what I need and not all vaults. I think it's a smarter and safer way. Hopefully it will be evaluated by the development team and implemented. PS. for moderators, there is no place to see what you are working on, so that we don't always ask the same things, that maybe you are already working on them. Thanks
  3. Hi, thanks for the answer, ok i will study better how autofill works. I hope it will be seriously considered, so it would make enpass even higher. I will follow with great interest the evolution. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I apologize if the section is wrong and for my english. I have been using lastpass for more than 10 years, but on the advice of friends and for the desire to have a more complete and safer program, I am trying to migrate to enapass, but after 10 years it is difficult to change habits .... I mainly use Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome and as an iPhone smartphone. I have some questions: 1) Is it possible to reproduce the autofill on enpass as it does lastpass, that is, when I visit a gmail-like site by clicking on the input to enter the username, do I already see the saved ones? 2) One of the things that pushed me to want to use enpass are in Multiple vaults, I would like to know if it is possible to associate an unlock password with each individual vault. I explain better, if I unlock my enpass I have the possibility to open all the vaults instead I would like to have an additional password to unlock the other vaults so that I could do something like this 1 vault = Etcc site / forum access (always unlocked when opening enpass) 2 vault = Bank details, paypal bank access etc ... (always blocked even if I open an enapass) Can such a thing be done? Thanks and sorry for the bad english
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