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  1. Hello, I am using the new Enpass 6 - Beta on my Android-Phone and Tablet and my Windows 10-PC with the newest Firefox Browser Extension. There was no Problem with the update and reconnect to my WebDav-Sync. All logins are there and works fine like before, but I have problems to fill out forms with my Identity. If I want to buy something in an Online-Shop, I have to fill out a form with my Identity. Therefore I have a login with all my dates in Enpass (Identity), but If I doubleclick this entry, nothing happens. Can help anyone?
  2. Hello, I have no problems to update my Samsung Phone and Huawei Tablet to the new Enpass 6. I only have to reconnect to my WebDav-Server on a Synology-NAS giving in the URL and Password. All logins came over to the new version. Thanks to the Enpass-Team!
  3. Hello, if i change settings for my cameras in the webif of my Synology NAS, enpass window appears, asking for save anything. There is no username or passwort to save, so i think, it`s a bug. Therefore Enpass don`t ask me to save settings, when i want to log in to my fritzbox router. So i each time have to do it manually. Best regards, Enno
  4. Hello, I`m the only user of my windows pc. Is ist possible to switch off the master password? Each time my desktop pc boots, or awake from sleeping, Engpass wants the master passwort, if the programm shall work. Greetings Enno
  5. Hello, here ist my question: When I saved my identity in enpass, ist it possible to fill out forms automaticly, for example, if I want to buy anything from an internet-shop? I mean, name, adress, phone-number etc.? Thanks for your answer.
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