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  1. I did not understand why many passwords are identified as weak by Enpass. For example the password 8castle-5Arms-0seth is considered secure by many dedicated online services such as http://www.passwordmeter.com https://password.kaspersky.com https://howsecureismypassword.net/
  2. Yes. it works to avoid multiple choices from same domain. However, the possibility of setting more than one link for each element is missing.
  3. Imho Enpass need a multiple link to configure more than a link for the same entry It would be useful for multiple router address ex. http://myfastgate.lan/ in an other context my organization we have multiple site ex. https://jira.<ourdomain>.com https://redmine.<ourdomain>.com https://supportointerno.<ourdomain>.com Enpass use ourdomain to display all entries for these site. it would be fine if Enpass could use the whole link to join the proper entry
  4. Hi The handling of password entry at the moment is still irritating, even in the latest version 5.6.6 (and asking for a full screen password is quite unusual). Automatic startup is a useful function but should not ask for the password immediately but only when you actually access it via tray icon or when the browser plug-in requests it. I like Enpass I would never go back to using other password managers especially but these details should be improved in my opinion.
  5. There is an issue with bridged app (Enpass password manager). Automatic start when windows start should be the default option but it shouldn't ask password when windows start as the free desktop win32 version. The password must be requested only when an extension requires it
  6. I don't understand the automatic login. It doesn't work, never An example http://forum.hdblog.it/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login forum (ip board..) Or Netflix
  7. We got used to unlock Windows 10 devices with Hello through pin without any confirm. Enpass would do too
  8. It doesn't work anymore. Opera 42 is new release Disabling browser check in desktop app solve the issue.
  9. Weak password password seems incomplete
  10. Please note that Media Portal sites have two different addresses http://www.team-mediaportal.com/ and http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/ but user and password are the same for both. Enpass, through Opera extension choose, to ask to save both in different position That's a little bit annoying Imho the best strategy to handle it is to check user, password and domain. and insert multiple url under the same entry.
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