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  1. It seems it's still not possible to set Windows Hello as the default means of authentication. Or have I missed a setting? It's frustrating that I always have to click the smiley icon first before using my fingerprint to unlock Enpass. I'm surprised that a simple feature like selecting a preferred authentication method has not been implemented in a year and a half. Biometrics are supposed to be convenient, so it's really a shame when the software I would like to use biometric auth the most with causes its usage to be unnecessarily clunky. I would like the password manager to lock itself quite frequently and I want to be able to unlock it in a second. Having to use the mouse and click on an icon before I can unlock Enpass is not really acceptable for this use case and it actually incentivizes people to set up longer unlocked periods, which is unsafe. I'm currently considering other password managers just to streamline my process and to save my nerves (and dozens a click a day).
  2. I started using Enpass yesterday and so far I absolutely love it. Only one thing surprised me so far: when I lock the screen in Ubuntu 16.04 (CTRL + ALT + L), Enpass will stay unlocked. I find it impractical to lock Enpass separately. I'd like Enpass to lock itself when the system is locked. Or at least I'd like to have a setting for this. Thanks for consideration!
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