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  1. I just got a notification from Windows Defender of a "severe threat". It found "Trogan:Win32/Zpevdo.B" trojan in EnpassStartup.exe. How do I verify that the Enpass app I have is indeed legit? It was installed from the Microsoft Store. The affected file is listed as: \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy16\Program Files\WindowsApps\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_6.51.716.0_x86__fwdy0m65qb6h2\EnpassStartup\EnpassStartup.exe
  2. Hi, I like the Windows Hello support in Enpass. The main Enpass app launches always defaulting to asking for password, even when Windows Hello is enabled, requiring users to click on the smiley icon to start Windows Hello login. Can we change the app behaviour such that if Windows Hello is enabled, then it should be default in the main app? This is already the case with the Enpass extension in Chrome (and presumably for other browsers but I don't use them so I don't know for sure). It would be nice for this behaviour to be extended to the main app window too.
  3. Still don't see update available, hope it gets released real soon. It's starting to get frustrating!
  4. This seems to be a major problem for everyone. Enpass, please fix this ASAP! Or at least revert to the previous working version.
  5. Hi. 17134.81 _IS_ the latest stable version of Windows 10 1803 with the 2018-05 updates. I hope you can get this fixed ASAP. The frequent crashes are very inconvenient.
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