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  1. It proves that MIcrosoft changed something in their sync. Enpass accepts my masterpassword to open my (local) vault, but sync with One-Drive delivers the error of bad password in One-Drive. It is NOT ME having a problem withe logging to One-Drive (I can reach One-Drive perfectly from any browser) , but it is Enpass. ( The problem of the sms-code indeed is a Microsoft problem).
  2. This weekend I had the same sync-error. I tried to disconnect and connect again with One-Drive, but this was mot the solution. In my opinion Microsoft has changed something in their interface. I tried to make changes in my account, but I had to verify myself by a number, sent to me with SMS, Their number contained 7 digits!. When I tried to fill this on their website, it seemed to be an error, because the number has to contain 8 digits. I was so frustrated with these Microsoft account, that I changed it in Enpass to sync with a Google-cloud. Afterwards I made a login to my One-Drive and have deleted the Enpass entry . Now it works fine without One-Drive!!
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