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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Is it possible to use folder sync if I have iCloud or OneDrive on my Mac? Maybe then I can store them all in iCloud.
  2. I would like to store multiple vaults for Enpass under the same cloud account. I have to separate personal data and work data, but I want to be able to use Enpass as simply and safely as possible. Is there anyone who knows a good cloud service that supports Webdav or Nextcloud and that complies with the GDPR of the European Union?
  3. Sometimes when I scroll through my saved data, the Enpass windows are flickering and suddenly I have to start scrolling from the top again. Even when I am editing an item and Enpass is synchronizing in the background, I sometimes have to press the edit button again and start editing the item again.
  4. Hey @Garima Singh You can also test this on the Norton LifeLock login page. If anyone on the team uses Norton 360, they can test it out. This website also has this problem.
  5. @Garima Singh, Sorry for my late response. I was unable to respond because I was blocked. This time Enpass was able to enter the login details on the website, but the password was not accepted. But when I copy and paste it, I will be logged in. And now I also notice that Enpass doesn't always store the password correctly. I constantly have to retype the password in Enpass. But when I copy the exact same password from 1Password or LastPass it is accepted.
  6. @Garima Singh I only have this autofill problems on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Android 10. My Enpass version is up to date. I encounter this problem on many websites and online stores where I want to log in. Bol.com is an example of this.
  7. On most websites or apps I want to log in to, Enpass always doesn't fill in the login details correctly. Sometimes Enpass only enters a user name and sometimes my login details are entered at the wrong place. I also often have that Enpass can't enter my login details.
  8. I have stored multiple password references from my multiple vaults in Enpass. These references all have the same master password and keyfile. Since Enpass is going to warn me that I use the same password multiple times, I want to exclude it. But when I exclude these items, they still remain with "identical". This problem is on all my devices, so my Windows laptop, Android phone and Chromebook.
  9. An encryption key that you can write down could also be a solution I think. Just like 1Password's Secret Keys. I don't like to store the keyfile on a USB.
  10. Are there any other ways that could protect the keyfile in the worst case scenario? I don't like to have more passwords to remember.
  11. After using 1Password for a long time, I plan to go back to Enpass, the first password manager I used. This is mainly because multiple vaults are available in the latest Enpass versions. My 1Password account is secured with a master password, secret key and 2FA. At Enpass I will have to use a keyfile to make the vault just as safe. But where can I store my keyfile the best and easiest so that I can access it on any device (Windows, Android smartphone, Chromebook)?
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