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  1. @edenhaus Good point about the symbols. I didn't mean that a website will limit/specify the amount of lowercase letters. What I meant is that by setting a total amount of the other classes that's over the websites' max char limit, I don't get any lowercases at all.
  2. Hi @edenhaus, Great thing that all kinds of files will be attachable. Now, I've never suggested that the separate files reside on arbitrary locations. The "wallet" could be a bundle, like a directory composed by many files, entirely managed by the Enpass application. So I'm not suggesting to create anything *outside* the wallet, but rather expand the concept of the wallet to a file tree instead of only a file. This way the deltas could also be made smaller by splitting the main wallet into several smaller blocks, but that's for another discussion. You mentioned "if the program u
  3. Whenever I open the Enpass window, I lose focus on the browser window. This can be very annoying. As soon as the Enpass little window goes away, it should return focus to wherever I was when it was first invoked. I have confirmed this behaviour on both Safari and Chrome on Mac OS X El Capitan.
  4. I think this is a required feature. There are many things that don't fit in regular fields: SSH keys, authentication certs and keys, other secrets. Anyone from Enpass team care to give their view or an update? As a suggestion, attached files (chiefly binary files such as images) could go on a separate file from the main wallet; perhaps even one encrypted file for each attachment, or for all attachments of any particular item. That would speed up syncing as the database size grows.
  5. @edenhaus I disagree. I find the password generator's UX to be lacking. The fact that I had not realised that the bars were an absolute number of characters of each type is an example of that. On top of that, I have my default password length set to 32 but some websites have a lower maximum number of characters. That means every time I want to create a password for one of these, I have to change my recipe and then change it back afterwards. Thanks for the heads up though, it's really helpful. I have now adjusted my bars to account for the (hidden) lowercase char type. @Hemant Ku
  6. Same happens to me. If it helps the team with debugging/developing this feature, mine is on http://www.americanexpress.com/
  7. It would be nice to have both upper and lower case weights in the non-pronounceable password recipe of the generator. It's not just best practice but an actual requirement of some applications.
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