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  1. When "All Vaults" are selected, there is no way of moving an item to another vault. This is only possible, when a single vault is selected. As for me, I cannot think of any technical reason for limitation. Product: Enpass Beta Version: System: macOS Mojave (10.14) Locale: de_DE
  2. When pressing the system-wide shortcut cmd+H in Enpass, the Application hidden (like intended). When you activate Enpass again (by application switcher), the main window stays hidden. Even actions that should give the main window focus (like the "About Enpass" menu item) nothing happens. The only way to bring the window back is selecting it from the Window menu or activating Enpass from the Dock (which sends a reopen Event by default). This is an unusual behaviour and I would expect Enpass not to hide the window on hiding the Application. Product: Enpass Beta Version: System: macOS Mojave (10.14) Locale: de_DE
  3. Product: Enpass BetaVersion: macOS Mojave (10.14)Device Name: Locale: de_DE
  4. The display of indented text in a notes field is about the size of 10 or more spaces. Fun fact: if you test this with actual spaces you will need 22 of them.
  5. When all text in a notes field is selected, the cursor and focus are placed at the end of the text. This is especially notable when the text is scrolling due to its length. This is a behaviour which is – as far as I am concerned – unique to Enpass and thus confusing. Plus: there should be either a text selection or a blinking caret - not both. Having all text selected, pressing of the cursor up key should place the caret at the beginning of the text, just like cursor left does. Instead, the caret is placed in the line directly above the end of the text.
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