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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a way to turn off this auto fill or to delete them all so I can restart from new
  2. Hi folks, How do I turn off the new autofill pop-up? It covers up important content related to entering login information on many sites, it's difficult to get rid of (ESC doesn't work), it is (sometimes?!?) full of icons that don't tell you what they do when moused over, and it's entirely unnecessary because I use keystrokes to autofill. (Frankly, one of the many reasons I chose Enpass over bigger-name password managers was that it didn't have this obnoxious "feature.") I can't find anything in Preferences for getting rid of it.
  3. Hi, is there any kind of AutoFill into Gboard similar to what Dashlane offers when running Android 11 or higher? I already asked about this quite a long while back and was told, that this feature was in development, but nothing's happened since. Best regards
  4. I use the F5 Access VPN client on my iOS device to connect to my work network. I have a "generic" URL entry for VPN endpoint but every time I access the site the URI is dynamic (it includes a nonce value). As a result, the Enpass iOS client adds a "URL" entry to the "generic" URL entry, resulting in a whole bunch of useless entries being added. Is there a way to stop / correct this behaviour?
  5. Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB, 64-bit OS with x64-based processor. Enpass version: 5.3.1 Browsers Tried: Firefox, 49.0.2 Opera, 41.0.2353.56 In both browsers my login info is not autofilling (even though I am logged into Enpass using Master Password, and the "Auto-Submit Login" is checked for the website -- e.g. Amazon.com -- and I only have one login for the site). The second issue I have noticed is that I am not able to fill in credit card information. I have created a new "Credit Card" entry, e.g. for a Visa card, in Enpass, but the info does not every automatically populate in the list of Enpass options when I am on a credit card entry form, AND, if I manually search for the credit card entry and double-click it, e.g. when trying to add a credit card to Amazon, I get an error saying that I am trying to fill the amazon.com page with the Visa info (see attached screenshot). If I choose "autofill only", nothing happens... the credit card info is not filled, and the form remains blank. I would love to be able to make use of the form-fill feature (for credit card and address info, but I have not been able to make it work after trying off and on for the last several months). Am I missing something? PS - the majority of my passwords were originally imported from LastPass.
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