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Found 4 results

  1. It would be great if the fingerprint feature was added to linux, just like windows hello, ubuntu for example already has this option to unlock system resources and it would be nice to have it in the enpass.
  2. Hi, I have been using the UWP version for some time and just installed the Bridge version along with the Edge extension! Thanks for getting this working, the biggest saving grace when there wasn't an extension was Windows Hello support to unlock the UWP version. I have a Stargazer Razer camera and love it! Are there plans to bring Windows Hello biometric unlock to the bridge version that was just released? I set up a PIN, but honestly facial unlock was so amazing and going back to Pin is a bit painful! Thanks again and keep up the good work and cant wait to see a modern UI applied to the bridge version, UWP version was very clean!
  3. Hi, I used RoboForm for may years. As I bought a surface book without a fingerprint reader but with face recognition I wanted to give Enpass a try. Tried to install the latest version of enpass version on a surface book i7. I also tried the one of MS store (version 5.2) Following the device manager the PC has TMP 2.0. Hello works fine for login and connecting to MS applications, however enpass ALWAYS asks me for the master password who I chose quite long for security. I gave enpass a try as it claims being compatible with Hello although not autofilling the web pages. However it does not fulfill any of both. Is there something wrong with my installation or is there a workaround I should know about ? Pls advise
  4. I was hoping Enpass is able to release the Hello support for Surface Pro 3 devices that are using the backward compatibility Surface Pro 4 type cover finger print. This is how I have had Windows Hello support on my Surface Pro 3 for almost a year now. It was much cheaper option than buying a Pro 4 or Surface Book just to get Windows Hello support. https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/accessories/surface-pro-4-type-cover-fingerprint I was super excited to see full time Hello, but then sad to see it was limited to just two devices.
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