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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I had serious trouble with the the sync with ms onedrive on all devices (mac/pc/ios/Android) because I have 2 Accounts. After some API changes is wasn't possible any more to use my onedrive private account. So I switched to icloud drive sync. Everything works again like a charm but I have to reconfirm every time the apple enpass permisson only on my my PC. I confirm via iphone and enter the 6 digit code. But the Browser Windows redirecting to enpass hangs forever: So my guess is that the permanent permissons are missing and therefore enpass restarts confirmation all over again. How can I fix this? Kind Regards Chris
  2. On 28.12.2018 I updated on iMac 10.14.2 from Enpass 5.6.11 to Enpass 6.0.0. Then I stated that the there is no more synchronisation to iCloud Drive. Disabling and enabling the iCloud Drive brought only two new files in the Enpass folder of iCloud Drive. Recording an example login in Enpass and a new synchronisation does not change the time stamp of one of the above files. That means none of these files are including the example login. Therefore, I still wait to upgrade Enpass on my iPad in order not to lose all my passwords. The Enpass people should finalize their job and carry out a thorough testing first!! Thank you.
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