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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am hoping someone can answer this question. I can't seem for the life of me, to be able to get the identity to autofill email addresses on webforms. It will fill out all other information. I can get it to fill email addresses on logins but for some reason not identities. I have tried changing the field type to text, didn't work, checked for errant spaces, etc. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi Enpass Staff, I'm dissatisfied with Lastpass Premium and am considering Enpass as an alternative. I'm currently trialing Enpass to see if the feature set is comparable and worth the transition. I have the Windows 10 (Build 1903 64-bit) Desktop app, the Chrome extension (on Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and now the Android app. As per the discussion here it appears that auto-fill for saved identities has been implemented. One of the primary reasons I'm transitioning away from Lastpass is the extremely poor customer service I received while reporting a phishing vulnerability. I want to ensure Enpass is not vulnerable to the same "hidden field" auto-fill vulnerability that Lastpass (and Chrome) are. I attempted to test to see if this is the case on the Github page of the developer who discovered it: https://anttiviljami.github.io/browser-autofill-phishing/ But I can't seem to get the identity to auto-fill from the Chrome extension. To test whether it was that specific form that could not be filled, I went to a basic HTML form on w3schools to see if I could auto-fill the fields using the saved Identity - and it doesn't appear that I am able to. Am I missing something? As per the article, auto-fill for identity was implemented in 2016, but based on my experience thus far that doesn't seem to actually be the case.
  3. Hello, I have filled an identity in Enpass (also the email address and the birthday). The birthday is in format dd.mm.yyyy. When I go to the German Facebook page (https://de-de.facebook.com/) and fill the page with the identity, then only the first email address is filled. And the birthday and the gender are also not filled. Bes regards OLLI
  4. Hello, in Enpass I have created an Identity and also filled many fields. But some fields can not be filled when I select the identity. Suggestion: A very comfortable way would be to right-click in a form field and select "Enpass -> Fill Identity -> " and here a sub-menu with all fields of the identity are shown. So I can for example select “Enpass -> Fill Identity -> Street” and Enpass fills in the street that is stored at the identity. Best regards OLLI
  5. Hello, I love the identities and that Enpass fills web-forms with the provided data. But here I suggest some improvements. Split up date of birth You should spit up the date of birth into 3 fields day month (should be a list with the month-names) year At many web-forms you also have 3 fields and this way Enpass can fill them. Gender This should be a combo-box where I select from existing values. Correct values are needed to be filled into form fields correctly. Country Should also be a list where users select the value from. Also needed to fill forms correctly. Best regards OLLI
  6. Sort login items by Date Created, Date Modified, Password Strength etc Store and fill ID – the identity details of the person – Name, address, phone numbers, email address, date of birth etc etc. Allow for multiple ID’s eg: Personal ID details. Work ID details, ID with different address (such as at the weekender)
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