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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Since moving to the new major version, both my Macbook and iPhone complain about me "purposely deleting" data and refuse to sync. I'm concerned I'll lose data on one or the other. Both present the option to upload fresh, and in both cases they upload "successfully". Next sync on either device results in the same issue again, with the additional message of "No data found on WebDAV". The WebDAV connection is correct (and had to be re-added, which was extremely annoying). On my ownCloud instance, the folder "Enpass" is there as usual. Inside is a file called sync_default.walletx (not modified in a week, I assume the sync file before the upgrade) and vault.enpassdbsync (modified within the last few minutes). Obviously permissions are correct, as each device can write this file, and reading has never been an issue pre-upgrade. Please advise ASAP.
  2. When I upgraded to the newest version of Enpass I lost all of my custom fields for my password. I had set up custom 'security question' fields so that I wouldn't have to remember them and they all disappeared when I upgraded to the newest version of Enpass. This has forced some sites that use security questions (government sites in particular) to lock me out. Not very happy about the newest version. In addition, the UI for the newest version (especially on the desktop version) is very clunky and none of the menu items at the top are viewable unless you mouse over them.
  3. Hello Support, thanks for the new update and the price promotion. Today I also switched to the mobile PRO version ( iOS ). Please also provide the PRO upgrade for the traditional version ( for Windows 7 ). However, there are a lot of problems: Problems with synchronization via WebDAV: If a different dataset is available on the phone than on the WebDAV server, Enpass recognizes both datasets and shows them as well, BUT Enpass only wants to merge the datasets afterwards. This process is no synchronization! If both data records are already recognized, the user must be able to select which data record is to be synchronized. If the user should not intervene, then it must be recognized during the synchronization which data set is more current and use this as primary data set and also synchronize this ! Absolutely change !! Problems with category assignment: If a record is connected to a category, it is not displayed on the record! This is not user-friendly with an adjustment. Even if there are groups, the stored category must be visible on the record! Absolutely change !! New Tresor prevents synchronization Icon When you create a new Tresor on the Desktop Client ( Windows), the icon for the synchronization between the PC and a CloudSystem disappears in the upper left corner. Only the icon for both safes or the icon for the individual safes is displayed. The icon for the synchronization is then completely missing. If you delete the new Tresor, the icon for the Syncronisation appears again. Result: Furthermore, the look of all icons in the desktop version does not look sharp and clear anymore. The colors look blurred. Optically the predecessor version was much nicer and clearer in the picture ! Please give the user the possibility to switch between the old and the new view via a theme in the GUI. In the new version there are demonstrably more badnesses ( errors ) than to be pleased about innovations. Maybe you should have waited with the release. Please fix the serious bugs ( synchronization ) urgently.
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