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Found 2 results

  1. Can we integrate the PC/Desktop app to use Windows Hello as a login option just as the iPhone app uses TouchiD/FaceiD? I have a laptop, iPhone, and Microsoft Surface Tablet and it would be great if the user experience could be similar across all platforms. This request was being worked on since last year and I am surprised that the MS Store App version of Enpass is NOT updated to use the Windows Hello feature since they promised to include this functionality in a newer version of the app.....! Here's the link:
  2. I would be awesome to have the desktop app authenticate via my smartphone biometrics, just like the Google popup that asks me if I want to sign into gmail or so. Since I use many computers daily, most of which are desktop computers or are old and have thus no built in biometrics, I have to type in my pin repeatedly.Thus I kind of shy away from a nice long pin. It would be really handy to use the biometrics in my smartphone for that. This feature has been requested before but closed due to a lack of interest here Old feature request, I want to resurface this maybe the time is ripe :). I know that this represents an engeneering challenge to not compromise security but it would be a quality of life enhancement nontheless :). Thanks
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