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Restore Issues with multiple vaults and key files

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When using multiple vaults, each using different key files, you can only restore the main vault! The problem is that Enpass don't ask for the key file when trying to restore secondary vaults.

Situation: I have 3 vaults and manually backed up each vault (Linux Desktop 6.1.1). If I try to restore the backup on a blank Enpass (Windows Desktop 6.1.1) this only works for the main vault backup. Here I will be ask for master password and the key file. But this does not work for the secondary vaults. Enpass only asks for a master password and not for the corresponding key files.

I'm now frustrated because I bought the Android Enpass version because I like to switch from Keepass to Enpass. Restoring data is absolutely essential. Is this a bug in Enpass? please help.

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