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Problems with URL detection ond Android 7 and Firefox


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Hello Enpass Team,

I have justed switched from Keepass to Enpass to get more comfort on the different platforms. While everything ist just fine on Windows 10 and Android 8 I have encounterd some problems on my Android 7 Tablets and Firefox.

The first problem is that I get no notification on internal sites like my router (http://192.1178.168.1 or http://fritz.box)

The second problem is, when I open a second tab and the notification pops up it searches for an entry with the name of the first tab. Eventhough I am already logged in at the first tab

The third problem is that it does'nt look for the URL like "www.cyberport.de". It searches for the name of the website "Cyberport > Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple günstig kaufen". Since the name of the website will change it makes no sense to search for the name.

In sum it is very uncomfortable on my Android 7 device and the Keepass2android function worked better there. Since I have two Android 7 tablets and they will get no update from the manufacturer I unfortunatley have to go back to Keepass or test another password manager, eventhough Enpass works better on the other platforms.

Perhaps you have a solution which makes it more comfortable on the Android 7 devices?

Best regards,


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