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Import from CSV - 20-40% of imported tags are not accurate

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I am very happy to be able to import all this data into Enpass.  And I'm glad that there are not 100% errors.  But I can't understand what your import script is doing if it only imports SOME of the tags correctly.  

Are certain "tags" for "restricted use"??

For example - every item tagged as "Financial:Banks" is uploaded as "Banks".

Every item uploaded as "Financial:CreditCard" is upload as "CreditCard"

Every item uploaded as "Travel:Websites" is uploaded as "Websites"

Every item uploaded as "Travel:Carrent" is uploaded as "Carrent"

Every item uploaded as "Web:Domains" is uploaded as "Domains"

Every item uploaded as "Email:Yahoo" is uploaded as "Yahoo"   (15! yahoo accounts all with wrong tags)

Item uploaded as "SocialMedia:Pinterest" is uploaded as "Pinterest"

Every item uploaded as "Forum:Personal" is uploaded as "Forum"

Here is a snapshot of the csv spreadsheet I am using.  You can see the tags are in the specified format.


The number of errors is incredible!  I am uploading in csv spreadsheets of 100 entries each attempt to make sure that I don't over burden the importer.





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More Examples.  I start with YOUR exact copy of the csv template listed on your site.  I add the data (108 records in this run).

I am sorry that you can't replicate the error.  Are you building a csv with 100+ records of all different names, tags, passwords, etc ... are you filling with the same fill data.

But whether you replicate it or not - there is an import BUG.  This is my THIRD spreadsheet imported. 

I attempted to attach the actual spreadsheet master that I downloaded from your website that I am using, but it is not an allowed extension.


Here is a compressed spreadsheet capture to show the errors more simply.



Sedo was tagged in the spreadsheet as:   Web:Domains



Twitter is listed in the spreadsheet as:    SocialMedia:Twitter



Webhostingtalk as:  Forums:Business    (imported as "VENDORS:BUSINESS")



Wells Fargo tagged in the spreadsheet as Financial:Creditcards



Final example.  Yandex Mail.  Tagged in spreadsheet as "Email:Other" .... import as "SocialMedia:Other".



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