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Outbank Banking-App: integration into Enpass lost after update

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 My banking app Outbank has been updated yesterday. Before that, I could easily use Enpass to fill in the passwords into the pop up windows for the respective accounts.

After yesterday‘s  update, that does not work anymore. That gray bar with the key lock symbol, that became visible right above the keyboard, when Outbank asked for the account passwords, does not come up anymore. So to me it looks like that Enpass does not “see” anymore, that entering a password is required by the app.

  Can anyone imagine, what might have happened and how to restore that communication? One hint maybe, that I configured Enpass  by entering the URL outbank.io into each accounts password information - I figured, that this is the URL of the app. Not sure, though, whether this has anything to do with it, but I thought, I should at least mention this configuration detail.


if course, I contacted the developer as well.

thanks or the help!

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