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Multiple Password Confusion

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There is something I do not understand about enpass -- having a different password on each device/install. Since the database is encrypted with one password, and cannot be opened with another one, why do different devices also have different passwords? As it stands, when I change my password on one device, I ultimately must reset the entire software package to get everything working again -- export to csv, uninstall, remove all synchronized files, reinstall, create a new database, and then re-import. When I change the password on one device, no password I try will work any longer on any other device...

This really needs to be fixed -- the password needs to be tied to the database, not to the application.


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Hi @riw777

As you might know, Enpass is an offline password manager that saves and encrypts all your database locally only on the device. It treats each device as an individual identity, so when you change your master password on one device, it gets changed for the device's local database and the cloud account (If sync in enabled). The Master Password doesn’t get reflected on rest of the devices (Although database is synced with the same the cloud) because they are not aware of the new password.

If Enpass would have been an online password manager, then changing Master Password on one device might gets updated and changed on all other devices. For more details please check out these FAQs:

Hope this helps, cheers!

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