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Enpass runs on Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)


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I have Enpass setup as PRO on Windows 10; and as paid on Android.  I have a few machines still running Win7, and I need access to my passwords on those machines.  I was afraid that I would need to use the portable version (which is still in beta) in order to access my passwords on Win7 machines.

The documentation was confusing to me -- When I saw the download for "Traditional Win32", I was not sure if this meant that the program would run only on the 32bit version.  After installing it on the 64-bit version of Win7, I was glad to see that it does work.

Does it work as well as the pro version on Windows 10?  No.  But that wasn't my concern - I wanted to make sure I could use it on Windows 7 until I eliminate the remaining machines running this OS.  The browser plug in and the app do stop talking occasionally and I must load and activate the app before using the browser plug in - but this is a minor aggravation.

This post is to help clarify for any new users, like me, who are confused about the operating systems that Enpass will function under.  Windows 7 32bit/64bit DOES work.

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