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OneDrive syncing issues in Windows 10 Desktop


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I'd like to report a bug in syncing with Enpass for Windows desktop in Windows 10. Here is how the bug occurs:

-First of all, you have to use Enpass for Windows desktop

-Then, in OneDrive settings, you have to select OneDrive as the folder for documents and images

-Make sure to have OneDrive sync enabled in Enpass

-Now, OneDrive will be stuck on "Processing changes", and to make it stop, you have to restart OneDrive client, or restart the computer; it continues to upload files despite this, but even if there are no files left, it stuck on "Processing changes" forever until a restart of the client or the entire PC

I noticed that If I revert the OneDrive settings not selecting the folder target documents and images as OneDrive, so local, the bug doesn't occur anymore.

In addition, I found that if this happen, if I try to copy files from OneDrive to other source, the Enpass files are not copied because Enpass block the file in OneDrive.

In the first screenshot, Ashampoo tell me that the Enpass file in OneDrive are blocked by another program, Enpass itself, and in the second screenshot, there is OneDrive stuck on "Processing for changes". The last screenshot shows you that Documents and Pictures folder are being moved on OneDrive.






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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hi @Nicos18

Thanks for writing in and sorry for the late reply.

As far as I understood, you have synced your Documents and Pictures folder with your Onedrive and you are facing an issue in Onedrive sync.

Here, I would like to share that the default location for Enpass data is also the Documents folder and Enpass app keeps it open as long as the app is running and you're getting the error 'the Enpass file in One Drive are blocked by another program'.

So, the best workaround here is

  • Change the default location of Enpass data to somewhere local on your system and isn't synced with Onedrive.
  • Enable Onedrive sync exclusively from Enpass settings.

Hope this helps!

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