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Hello Everyone

I'm trying to import from my KeePass Database, but no matter which format I choose (*.csv, *.xml, *.html) and which encoding I use (UTF-8, ANSI) and which Enpass Version I use (Current release on Windows Store which I tried first or 32-Bit Beta Version which I tried after that) it always keeps saying "nothing to import".

The Manual of Version 6.2 says it should be possible: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/import_keepass.html

Can you guys help me?

Kind regards

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Added Link to the Manual I read
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Hello @Kashish,

I'm using the Microsoft Store Version 6.2.0 (542) and Windows 32 Application 6.2.0 (533), neither works, the issue is the same.
I have some entries with custom fields added, may that be the issue? Is it possible to make custom fields and use attachments in Enpass?

I've bought the Premium Version for iPhone and from the Windows Store by the way, so I hope there will be a fix without to much manual work to do. :/

Kind regards,

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24 minutes ago, Kashish said:

Hello @NickMynx,

Kevin, please help us with the Keepass version you're using and also the count of items in the database (with the number of attachments in them).

We look forward to your reply.



Can you please look up the answer to the same question you already asked me right before your post?
I've noted the Version there and also told you that I have multiple entries with multiple custom fields and attachments.
I have organized them in multiple folders and tags, so it's hard for me to manually count them if that is what you want...
The Keepass Database is quite big, but I doubt that the shire amount of entries is the issue, right?

Kind regards,
Kevin van Thiel

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