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I have exactly the same problem.

I am pretty sure it was not like that before little time.

It's very annoying, I would much appreciate a fix.

This is the code of the filter, as shown in Chrome:

<div class="v-Menu-filter"><label id="v568" class="v-Text v-SearchText" style="position:relative;display:inline-block;cursor:text;user-select:text;" title=""><span></span><input id="v568-input" class="v-Text-input" type="text" autocomplete="off" data-enpass.usermodified="yes" data-enpassid="__72"><i class="icon icon-search"></i><button id="v569" class="v-Button u-hidden v-Button--hasIcon v-Button--hasShortcut" style="position:absolute;user-select:none;" tabindex="-1" title="Shortcut: Ctrl/" data-enpassid="__73"><i class="icon icon-clear"></i><span class="label">Clear Search</span></button></label></div>


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Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear about your trouble and I apologize for the inconvenience. We have tested this issue in our labs but were unable to reproduce it. So it would be really helpful if you can provide the step by step instruction what you are doing exactly that is creating this issue.

Thanks for your co-operation

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thanks for looking into this.

To produce the bug I select any message in the Fastmail web interface, click 'move to', and select some folder from the dropdown menu. After I hit 'enter', an Enpass popup appears asking me whether I would like to update my login credentials to the bogus password 'PIN'.

This is with Enpass 5.4.1, Ubuntu 14.04, and Chrome 56.0.2924.87 .

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I just cross checked with the Enpass extension on Firefox 51.0.1 . In this case the issue does not appear.

Then I tried to remove the extension from Chrome and to reinstall it there -- this does not help. The issue still appears on Chrome.

It doesn't help either to use a blank new Chrome profile with nothing but the Enpass extension installed.

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