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Master Password not working on RESTORE

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I am at a different computer.  I have installed Enpass for old Windows (Win7Pro 64bit).

I have clicked on restore from dropbox.  The dropbox authorization window appears and I enter my credentials.

I tell it to ALLOW enpass to access its folder.  Then I receive a page that tells me to REDIRECT to the Enpass app to continue.

I enter the password, even click on the eyeball to look at the letters and numbers and they are correct.  I click restore.

INCORRECT PASSWORD appears directly under the password.


I open my android phone.  I click enpass app.  I click to cancel fingerprint authorization.

I enter the password.  Enpass opens correctly.  THE PASSWORD IS THE SAME AS I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO USE ON THE NEW WIN7 MACHINE.


I uninstalled Enpass.  I return to the enpass website and download traditional windows app.  I click and perform the install routine.

On this second attempt, Enpass is stuck on dropbox authorization.  Dropbox hasn't passed authorization back to Enpass.  Uninstall Enpass.

Repeat the steps.  Now I can't get dropbox authorization.


On the FOURTH Install, it went through the authorization process AND accepted my password.



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