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I'm a new Enpass user, both for personal and company use. We're migrating from several individual password managers and a custom web app we wrote for managing shared company passwords, and after considerable research I determined that Enpass was the best fit for us.

Overall I'm quite happy with it, but I am having some frustrations with the category/template system.

Perhaps I'm not understanding how it's supposed to work well enough, but what we need is a custom list of categories and templates for each vault. We also need to be able to hide unused categories and templates on a per-vault basis, and to copy categories/templates between vaults.

I was able to create a custom category and checked multiple vaults for it. I can see that category in all the vaults I selected, and not in the other vaults. This is good.

I cannot, however, find a way to edit the valid vault list for the custom category - I cannot add it to an additional vaults nor remove it from an existing vault.

I also created a custom template for the newly-added category. This is the biggest frustration. I can only apply the template to one vault, and cannot copy it to another vault, nor can I change the category to which it is associated. To make matters worse, I cannot find that custom template anywhere except in the list of custom templates. It claims to be assigned to a particular category (not the custom one to which I assigned it when I created it), but when I attempt to add an item to that category the custom template does not appear in the list of available templates.

I also can find no way to delete categories/templates. If I make a mistake I'm stuck with it forever, it seems.

Am I approaching this wrong? Am I missing something obvious?

What makes sense to me is:

1. I can create custom categories and apply them to as many vaults as I want.

2. I can create custom templates and apply them to as many vaults as I want. This would also mean being able to copy any template from any vault to create the custom template.

3. I can assign vaults to which each category is used,  and modify that assignment list at will.

4. I can assign custom templates to any category in any vault that I want, and modify that assignment list at will.

5. I can show/hide any categories or templates on a per-vault/per category basis.

We're committed to using Enpass at this point, so I hope there is some way that I can accomplish what I need to do with the categories and templates.


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