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Really pleased to see the Enpass now supports turning off access to Google Analytics and the Enpass update servers. Option to disable update and analytics, plus attachment support enabled. Also really pleased that a 3rd part Audit is planned (maybe use Travis Ormandy from Google? He seems to be quite effective) . Thank you for these advancements.

I have a related question. On my Macbook I have an outgoing firewall, called Little Snitch, that allows me to monitor outgoing communications and be certain nothing is inappropriatly accessing sites in the network/internet. 

On my ipad and iphone there doesnt seem to be any way to do the same monitoring.

How would I go about being sure that Enpass for iOS was not accessing sites inappropriatley from these mobile devices? 

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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hi @snow-white

 All the credit for these updates goes to beloved users like you. Thanks for your love!

We are working on refactoring of Enpass to support some of really cool features and it'll gonna take time. Once it's done we will got for Third party Audit.

There is no such direct application for iOS to monitor the connections from Enpass, but you can get all the logs of outgoing requests from your iOS device which is accessing internet through a proxy server. One such Proxy server for your Mac is SquidMan. Just run SquidMan and set it to allow serving for specific clients or whole subnet (from SquidMan -> Client preferences), and then specify your Mac's IP and port (default port 8080) as proxy server in your iOS device for the connected Wifi.

Hope this helps!

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