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Autofill using wrong field on Mastodon login

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When logging in to a Mastodon instance (example https://mastodon.cloud/ ) the autofill always puts the 'username' into the 'email' field (also replacing existing content, which is annoying).

My Enpass entry has both 'username' and 'email' entries and the form element has the following html:

<input aria-label="E-mail address" class="string email required" autofocus="autofocus" placeholder="E-mail address" type="email" value="" name="user[email]" id="user_email" />

I'm guessing the either name "user" or the id "user_email" is keying it to the username field. Perhaps the type attribute can be used as a filter (or better trigger?)

It would also be useful if the autofill didn't replace existing contents (maybe a per-item preference?)

(Firefox extension OSX v 5.5.2 (82))

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Hi @plinss,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I would like to share that while auto filling in any website, Enpass search for username/Emails fields. While in your case it seems that the username field is set first in the Enpass that might be the reason why it automatically detect username field and fills the first. So the best workaround is that you can re-arrange the field saved in Enpass.


Hope this helps!



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