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Enpass of PC & Android - both PRO version?

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I'm new to Android & Enpass. I have Enpass Pro on my Pixel Android phone. I loaded Enpass on my Windowns 10 PC.

1) Do I need to put the Pro version on my pc? All of my entries 100+ are there on my PC and my Phone.

2) Should Enpass automatically input login information on the PC and phone? It's not.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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A separate licence is required for your two devices, without the Pro/paid installations you would be limited to twenty items both devices: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/

The licences can be used on multiple devices so longs as they use the same account credentials from each platform.

Inputting login information of course varies from platform to platform and how you have set up the entries in your records.  There is an 'Autosubmit Login' options that can be selected, my experience is that on a desktop platform it works well (dependent on the website), however on an Android device some user interaction is required.

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