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  1. Hi @CleosMom Local backups are made every day, the location of which can be found by going to settings (the hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner) > Tools > Autobackups. Changes made to records are updated as and when they are made. Sixty of the local daily backups are retained.
  2. Is the password to your Dropbox account or the Enpass vault master password?
  3. Hi @TREMOR Which platform have you switched to?
  4. Hi @TEH3OP Have you tried disconnecting then reconnecting the sync? If you have not give that a go.
  5. Hi @Old-Heathen Currently, the only officially supported Linux distros are CentOS 7, Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 14.04 or later (64-bit only) - https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/prerequisites.html You should be able to install via Yum: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux/ Your mileage may vary however on how well Enpass interacts with the Trinity desktop environment.
  6. Hi @L_X Could you let the forum know what version of MacOS and Enpass you are running?
  7. Hi @gzr Could you let the forum know what version of MacOS and Enpass you are running.
  8. Hi @abw Please provide the details asked for by @Garima Singh and the Enpass team and forum members will attempt to answer your query. The reason that posters are often asked for the details of their setup is that the software should be working as anticipated, and as it is not investigations need to be made as to why. To do this the Enpass team may for instance set up a matching virtual environment to trouble shoot the problem, without input from the user with the problem makes it difficult to do this. Please remember that it may not just be you that has a similar issue but other users
  9. Hi @axelf Nothing earth-shattering: Main tag > Clients Sub tags > Business / Residential Then I set up a sub tag for each client under the appropriate heading and then add various sub tabs for my use case. After that when creating a new entry I can simply navigate down the tag tree to the correct sub tag and create a new entry as required. Alternatively, create a new entry and drag and drop it to the appropriate tag/sub tag. The only time I will need to manually enter a tag path in an entry is if I want to 'put' it in two or more places. The titles to my entr
  10. The humour: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_grandmother_to_suck_eggs I am not trying to change peoples opinions, but rather help users to understand how they can use tags if Sinew decide not to implement folders for the foreseeable future.
  11. I think I am I missing your point? It is possible to have many subtags with the same name, but of course I am not able to create more than one main level tag with the same name. Item/Record > Top Level Tag > Subtag > Subtag HP DeskPro G7 > Dentonthebear > Hardware > Computers > Desktops HP DeskPro G7 > A N Other Customer > Hardware > Computers > Desktops
  12. Hi, I am happy to use Tags as a folder structure because I understand how they work and I have a consistent and robust naming system for my data. For those that think otherwise, well I cannot help that. We will have to continue to agree to disagree.
  13. Hi @pauloirply Why say Tags as opposed to Folder? Because while they be can be used in a way similar to each another, they are different beasts and not just a substitution of concepts. I will attempt to explain as I see it, sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs: Folders An item/record titled: Amazon. A traditional folder system with a tree such as: Clients > Dentonthebear > Logins > A to E. You 'physically' place the item in to the folder A to E detailed above. That item/record can only be located in one place, namely Clients > Dentonthebear &g
  14. Hi @pauloirply Yes I do realize that Tags and Folders are not directly interchangeable features, but... At the end of the day Tags is the current feature in Enpass not Folders and I can use Tags as well if not better for my purposes as I could with a generic folder system I am happy, even if others cannot figure a way of implementing them. But that is just me I suppose.
  15. Hi @pauloirply Sorry, I almost completely disagree with you, and for you to say that the Sinew staff are 'confused' because they are not producing exactly what you want is to my mind insulting. If I said that you do not understand how to use the Enpass because you have no common sense or you are not intelligent enough you would, I am sure not be pleased. Whether people want to admit it or not Tags can quite happily be used as folders, and while there is the ability and use case for them, you do not have to give each entry multiple Tags. Just create your 'folder' structure (using Ta
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