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  1. Hi @Mauko I do understand that tags are not folders, but I have learnt to adapt and make full use of tags. Looking from my side of the fence it seems that people who want folders back do not understand tags.
  2. Hi Sinew Team, Hopefully no-one else has asked for the following feature. I would like to be able to set up a Tag with multiple Subtags and have the ability to duplicate it to save me the time and effort of having to do it manually every time I generate a new client. Currently, I have seventeen subtags (as shown in the picture) and it gets extremely tedious to have to recreated them manually.
  3. Simply I treat tags/subtags as I would folders/subfolders with added benefit of being able to store an entry in two or more 'folders' as the same time. Or am I missing something?
  4. +1 - Quicker than manually navigating to the tag/subtag.
  5. Tags are folders, with the added benefit of being able to store an entry in more than one 'folder'. Or am I missing something?
  6. Problem: Entries multiple time in different tags Comment: Surely this is because as a user you are adding multiple tags to an entry! Problem: Cannot move hole (sic) Subtags (Folders) (I mean with Keepass i can move a folder to a different Folder a Entry to a different Folder etc.) Comment: I have to admit I have never tried to move them so this was news to me. Yes I can see that this would be a nice feature to have. Problem: The UI looks annoying with this Tag Icons in front of Comment: What one person finds annoying is another person's pleasure, however perverse. Would you want to do away with all the icons in the other sections as well? Problem: The Tags sort by Name (Bad UX, the User should move the Folders like he want to) Comment: I would think that the vast majority of users are going to go alphanumeric for sorting, would the coding required for what I would perceive to be a very small minority be worth the extra investment in time. My work-around when I want things out of alphanumeric is to use the following type of layout: 01 - This is a folder 02 - For investigation 03 - Delete this information 04 - Queue these jobs up on the 1st of the month Ants Bats Cats -------- As I commented in the post above really do not see the problem with Tags/Subtags as, to my mind; they perform the same function as Folders/SubFolders. To quote the Bard: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Please, if you have now decided you no longer like the product there is no need to resort to calling it the vernacular for excrement. The staff at Sinew work hard at the Enpass project and to disparage their work with name-calling is not called for.
  7. Hi @Alex I create a new tag for a client, then I create the required subtags by right-clicking on the parent tag. I keep meaning to suggest a new feature of Tag/Subtag templates which could then be duplicated to save time. In my way of working the title for a new record would take the format of something similar to: Client Name - Mobile Phone #1 or Client Name - Server #3 Then I drag the entry to the appropriate tag/subtag. If you wanted, Tags and Subtags can be created when generating your new entry by creating a breadcrumb trail: Clients:Test Case:Company:ETC Hopefully this is the sort of setup you want to use. To be honest I am at a bit of a loss to understand why users are having a hard time using Tags/Subtags, if the names were changed to Folders/SubFolders the task they perform (to my mind) remains the same.
  8. Personally I would like to say that I cannot see a problem with Tags and use them all the time. But that is just me I suppose.
  9. Hi @Bonze I would hope this is a false positive, there have been incidences in the last couple of weeks with other AV suppliers. The Sinew staff will I am sure report the problem to Norton for correction as soon as possible.
  10. Hi All, Just out of interest when you say your databases are growing, just how large have they got?
  11. Assuming Sinew have proper in-house quality control (which, yes you have to take on blind faith) that would stop an infected product being uploaded to the Windows Store it does sound as though McAfee is producing a false positive, especially as other Enpass users, who again I am assuming are using other competing antivirus products, have not reported an issue. According to an old post on the McAfee forum an item designated as an Artimis Trojan is something that the software does not recognize and maybe a possible risk, basically it is being overly protective and giving you a warning. Excluding the items from a scan is I agree not best practice, but a quality AV solution even if an item of malware was excluded by name should then stop it making erroneous changes to the system. McAfee forum post: https://is.gd/j2vCOm Instead of pasting (was the error generated by the forum software?) the McAfee data maybe you could enter it in manually, yes I understand this would take more time and effort, but it would help the developers to be able to communicate the problem with a third party such as McAfee quickly and easily. Long term this would help yourself, your work colleges if they too use Enpass, and the rest of the community.
  12. Hi @Fair-Monkey Which distro are you using?
  13. Hi @SamTe Trust me I have an award for The Most Unobservant Person of the Century... Think I only found it by chance.
  14. Hi @SamTe In edit mode for an entry you should have an 'Add File' button as highlighted below:
  15. Hi @mschuppx1 The Enpass team are going to want to know what version of Ubuntu you are running and if you have made any mods as well as the current version of Enpass you have installed. Have you tried removing Enpass from your sources list and then adding it back? My entry /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enpass.list reads: deb https://apt.enpass.io/ stable main #Enpass I am currently running Xubuntu 20.04.
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