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  1. +1 It is a pain on a hi-res screen to lose so much space, being able to widen the either area would be good then I would be able to see my item headings in full.
  2. Hi @trashcat2 I have checked my Android devices and can also confirm the same behaviour.
  3. Dentonthebear


    Hi @spike Could you let the developers know which handset you have, the version of Android etc so that they may better help you.
  4. Hi @trashcat2 Happy to confirm that I am seeing the same behaviour. Running version 6.3.3 (601) under Xubuntu 18.04
  5. Hi @Rolllex Hopefully a picture paints a thousand words:
  6. Hi @sameep Hamburg icon (top right corner) > File > Backup All Vaults Is that what you are after?
  7. Hi @Rolllex Menu (three horizontal lines top right-hand corner) > File > Print > Change the option from the drop down menu to suit > Print > Enter vault master password > press Print > select your output method, I would suggest using PDF if you have the option.
  8. Hi @Sebastian Satragno Have you purchased the 'full' version for your mobile device?
  9. Hi @Greymagic27 If you have installed the Microsoft Store version you will need I believe need to uninstall it there.
  10. From memory in v5 there were subcategories, but in v6 this has been replaced by term tags which seems to have confused a lot of users. A quick screenshot of my Primary vault tags setup:
  11. Hi @Adam DZ Some time ago something similar happened with my setup, but long enough ago that I cannot remember exactly how I got round the issue. Possibly I changed my default browser Chrome instead of Firefox to get round the problem.
  12. Have you disconnected and tried reconnecting yet? If not try doing so and if connection can still not be made please report back.
  13. Hi @John Doe You could also try NightOwl which can manage Light & Dark Modes on a more individual programme level: https://nightowl.kramser.xyz
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