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  1. If you had a user profiles each you would have separate local vaults, you would not (as far as I am aware) be able to sync them to the same place as the sync'd file is just called Enpass. One account would override another, but if you each has an account with Google Drive then you would be fine.
  2. If you try to start it from the command line are there any error messages generated?
  3. I do not have access to a Windows machine at the moment but Linux options look like this: I should be working on Windows system tomorrow so will have a look how the version on there looks.
  4. Because text is very small, cannot speak for your files though. Are the files mainly text based?
  5. Indeed you do: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/
  6. Hi, This matter is also covered in this post: Basically as yet there is no timeline on the introduction of the feature, but for a fuller explanation please look at the thread.
  7. If you had an Android phone, an iPad, a Windows PC and a MacBook you would need to purchase a licence for each as they are all different platforms, or more accurately different operating systems. If you have a Linux system then you are golden. https://www.enpass.io/pricing/ There is no web interface for Enpass, as your database is not stored on their servers, but on your choice of location. Pricing is a one off cost, however if Enpass migrates from version 6 to 7 in the future then I would expect there would be a charge. This is unlikely to happen any time in the near future as version 6 has only been available for a few months. Hopefully the information above is correct, apologies if I have miss something but I am doing my usual trick of answering forum questions late at night on three hours sleep.
  8. Hi asefi, Does your Event Log detail anything about the crashes? Which antivirus/malware software do you have installed?
  9. I I can confirm this is the way it is working for me, I search for the appropriate site as opposed to Autofill working from the webpage itself. Checked this to help out, my daily driver if Firefox which works fine.
  10. This issue has been covered elsewhere on the forum, the search box will help you find the other threads on the issue.
  11. Where did the scary message originate from? Speaking only for the Play store all the developer info is right there for all to see.
  12. It would be interesting to know what impact hardware and OS has on search speed. My database is currently 500+ item and the search speed is fast, but I am running Xbuntu Linux on an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with 16GB RAM which while not top tier is no slouch. What are you running? Do you have much in the way of attachments, like photos, docs etc?
  13. Hi, I believe it is still in beta, check out this page: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/forum/32-chromebook/ Read the line under the main heading Chromebook.
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