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  1. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&tab=TT&sl=auto&tl=it&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.enpass.io%2Fpricing%2F
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Hey at least you have some form of manual actually manuals, and given the breadth of features of the application and the new ones that get added things are going to get missed now and again.
  3. Can you details of your OS on your current phone (I am assuming that when you say the same phone you meant same model)? There have been some users who have had to install all available OS updates before they can get the paid version to reactivate.
  4. Hi, I am currently on Firefox 68.0.1 with Enpass Extension 6.0.2 (2 May 2019) running on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS without issue. What versions of software are you running?
  5. Hi Pratyush, Could the information on how to delete a pre-shared key be added to the user manual? https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/advanced.html?highlight=pre shared key
  6. Hi, Please provide the support team with all the details of your previous purchase, what platform you are using, if you have changed platform and any other relevant information so that they may be better able to help you.
  7. Hi, I had an issue on one client's iPhone where I need to make sure all the OS updates were installed before I could upgrade and get the paid version working.
  8. Hi, You would need to purchase a licence for each hardware platform you use, please see the following page: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/
  9. Hi Anshu, Thanks for letting me know, luckily it is not an app used everyday so currently it is not a big issue. But of course any extra functionality in the future would be great.
  10. Hi, It would be helpful if you could provide the following details: Android version Make and model of mobile phone Name of the website and associated application
  11. Hi Enpass Team, A little bit of an odd problem for you, one I am guessing is probably only going to be of an issue to my client and no one else. The client uses an app on Android for the service WriteUpp, which is a practice management service. Enpass happily autofills the username and password but the app also requires the client's dedicated URL which is in the form of: https://my-practice-name.writeupp.com. While the URL is included in the Enpass record it does not autofill, I have included a screenshot of the app log in page. If it helps it is possible to create a 30 day trial account with WriteUpp which I could do to give you access to the service for testing, or if I have missed something obvious please let me know. Enpass for Android WriteUpp for Android 1.8.7 Android 9 on Motorola Moto G6 Plus
  12. Hi Vicki, Enpass is also my first PW management software, and the reasons you chose it are amongst those I that I based my decision on. I worked full time in desktop support for twenty plus years and it has made me, and I hesitate to use the word, 'adept' at navigating the idiosyncrasy of software packages. So far I have been one of the lucky ones, using Enpass 6 on Xubuntu Linux and Android for my daily use, as well as Windows 10, MacOS and iOS without any significant issues. Firefox is my browser of choice and the Enpass plugin, for me at least, works extremely well, but I have used it in Chrome, Opera and Safari without any major issues. What are the problems you have experienced in Chrome? The only other password manager I have used recently (one of my customers has it, the rest use Enpass) is Dashlane and while it has some nice features I did not find it anywhere as flexible as Enpass in data management or template manipulation. Plus it is damn expensive.
  13. I am sure that it is not you personally that Enpass's email server has but rather the amount of spam that gets sent out via your email provider's service. That is what the forum is here for though, hopefully one of the Enpass team will pick up on you post soon and be able help you out.
  14. It would be helpful if you could provide the following details: Android version Make and model of mobile phone Name of the website and associated application
  15. If you had a user profiles each you would have separate local vaults, you would not (as far as I am aware) be able to sync them to the same place as the sync'd file is just called Enpass. One account would override another, but if you each has an account with Google Drive then you would be fine.
  16. If you try to start it from the command line are there any error messages generated?
  17. I do not have access to a Windows machine at the moment but Linux options look like this: I should be working on Windows system tomorrow so will have a look how the version on there looks.
  18. Because text is very small, cannot speak for your files though. Are the files mainly text based?
  19. Indeed you do: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/
  20. Hi, This matter is also covered in this post: Basically as yet there is no timeline on the introduction of the feature, but for a fuller explanation please look at the thread.
  21. If you had an Android phone, an iPad, a Windows PC and a MacBook you would need to purchase a licence for each as they are all different platforms, or more accurately different operating systems. If you have a Linux system then you are golden. https://www.enpass.io/pricing/ There is no web interface for Enpass, as your database is not stored on their servers, but on your choice of location. Pricing is a one off cost, however if Enpass migrates from version 6 to 7 in the future then I would expect there would be a charge. This is unlikely to happen any time in the near future as version 6 has only been available for a few months. Hopefully the information above is correct, apologies if I have miss something but I am doing my usual trick of answering forum questions late at night on three hours sleep.
  22. Hi asefi, Does your Event Log detail anything about the crashes? Which antivirus/malware software do you have installed?
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