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Managing entries by folders

Matthias Buesing

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Hi there!

With Lastpass and Keepass I managed my >600 entries by folders and subfolders. Enpass can deal with it, too  but I know it's more like a label than actually a folder, right?

What's the best method to get hunders of items into folders? From within "all entries" I can't filter the ones _without_ folders so I can go on further :-(

Thank you very much!


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As I understand your problem, you're having hard time keeping track which entries have already been categorized into a folder and which haven't. In this case I'd do the following.

The key to this approach is that an entry can only reside in one folder. So I'd first create some folder TEMP, put all entries there and then start moving them one by one to their actual dedicated folders. As you do that, you'll see they'll start disappearing from the TEMP folder.

Hope this helps!

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